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Bulk Raw Blue Agave Amber (UWC-44)

Bulk Raw Blue Agave Amber (UWC-44)

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Low Glycemic Raw Bulk Blue Agave with Unrefined Whole Cane (UWC) Nectar

*Available For Commercial Food Service Business

Our Raw Blue Agave Unrefined Whole Cane (UWC) Nectar has a mild and pleasant flavor that is excellent for all your baking applications.

Chefs love Creating with the Raw Blue Agave UWC:

  • Builds viscosity
  • Maintains humectancy
  • Improves softness
  • Promotes Maillard reaction (for baking)
  • Chocolate tempering
  • Confections (candy makers)
  • and Increased mouth feel (beverage applications)

    Wonderful to sweeten beverages, coffee, fruit smoothies, lemonades, and Fresh-squeezed Skinny Margaritas... Salud!

    An all around natural sweetener for your restaurant, cafe and all prepared foods applications.

    Our Raw Blue Agave Unrefined Whole Cane Nectar is:
    • A Mild Flavored Nectar
    1.3 times sweeter than sugar (sucrose)
    • Will not crystallize
    • Dissolves easily
    A Low Glycemic Index (LG) below 42 (does not quickly raise blood sugar levels)
    • Vegan
    • Kosher
    • Halal
    • Low Glycemic
    • Gluten-Free

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