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Agave Nectar Coconut Lemon

Coconut-Lemon Agave Syrup

Tasting notes: A sweet coconut aroma, coconut fruity tones and a pleasing lemon finish. Makes Lemonade like no other.

Coconut-lemon Syrup - Formulated for optimal flavor balance when blended in lemonade, sparkling water, cocktails, tropical desserts, and culinary specialties.
  • Formulated for optimal flavor balance when blended in coffee, espresso drinks, sodas, desserts, and culinary specialties, 21 Missions Agave syrups transform beverages to mouth-watering sensations.
  • Housed in easy-to-handle and attractive glass bottles, 21 Missions Agave Syrups are the proven, easy way to create your own taste sensations.
  • The Blue Agave Nectar used in our 21 Missions Agave Nectar is Vegan, Kosher and Organic.
  • Agave Nectar produced from the Agave succulent plant and is sweeter than sugar, yet has a lower glycemic index (does not quickly raise blood sugar levels).
  • Our Flavored Agave Nectar is blended with only all-natural flavors (with no additives or fillers).
  • Our premium Agave Nectar is a satisfying and pleasant sweetness that compliments your beverage or food choice.
  • Artisan Gourmet Flavored Agave Nectar

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