1-gallon Organic Raw Bulk Agave Pouch - Monthly Deal!
Premium Organic Raw Bulk Agave 41

Premium Organic Raw Bulk Agave 41

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Raw Bulk Agave Nectar

(41 Lbs. Net) Our Raw Agave Nectar has a neutral flavor profile and ideal for:

Strong Ale
Pale beer
Agave wine
Innovative Distilled Spirits

  • Golden Ale's
  • Bock, Double and Triple Bock
  • Wheat Beer
  • Full Body lagers
  • Belgian Ales

    Making an Agave wash:

  • ~1 lbs. Premium Light per gallon filtered water. (~ 1-gallon to 10 gallons water)
  • Filter the water to remove chlorine, boiling the water is not required unless your water is not drinkable [potable water].
  • Clean, and sanitize your fermenter
  • Add agave to cool water, and pitch your yeast (liquid, dry or re-hydrated dry all-work); *follow the instructions related to your selected yeast, and keep the fermenter in the required temperature range detailed by the yeast supplier.
  • In many cases it will create a sour wash.

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